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Richard Barr Writer (and lawyer)

Books: Eighteen to One Against.



This book was compiled by my father. It is about Soffits, the house we all lived in from 1953 onwards (along with assorted dogs, horses, chickens, one cat called "Mitty" and one sheep called "Sheep"), where my brother William and I grew up, had parties and lost our respective virginities. My father lived there till his death in 2005 (my mother died in 2000). The title represents the odds against a couple living in the same house for upwards of 40 years.


It describes the house, the lane it was built in and the village of Elm in Cambridgeshire England. My brother and I each contributed a chapter to it. Mine was the introductory chapter (a Soffits Childhood)


Click the image of the book if you would like to read my chapter


A few copies of the book are still available (£15 including postage in the UK). Email me if you would like  a copy.

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