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Richard Barr Writer (and lawyer)



Click the email link to get in touch with me. I will always respond.



Also if you would like a holiday in a cottage in our delightful part of Norfolk log on to our  holiday letting website (run for a disabled member of the family): The Apple House Bacton.





And if you want to read something from another member of my family (my brother), Check out his various books:  Real Football, real fans,  a rattling good read about some of the less flamboyant football clubs in England - and you will learn a lot about pies too along with a thing or two about carp. He has also written the Carp Club - a thinly veiled critique of modern politicians,  Troyboys,  a spoof based on modern politics and Greek Myths and most recently The West Norfolk Question a novel about what would happen if Norfolk became independent of the rest of the UK (see the image of the cover - click to enlarge.  He has also written some erudite books on agricultural law. All available from Morrow Publishing. The West Norfolk Question can also be purchased or downloaded via Amazon UK



And if you want to try me out as a solicitor (I undertake medical cases), use this link:



And while we are promoting the family, here is a link to my stepson Tom's website:

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