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Richard Barr Writer (and lawyer)

A little about me.....                              .....and about my writing

I will leave it at just that - a little.


Just a few snippets.

  • I am half American (half Nebraskan in fact)

  • I am a solicitor and do medical cases.

  • I have been married twice and have 2 children and 4 step children, one of whom has serious disabilities caused by medical malpractice.

  • We live in Norfolk near the coast in a slightly crumbling thatched house surrounded by a lot of land all of  which is in trust for my disabled stepdaughter (my wife and I are her carers)

  • I am an appalling gardener

  • I am very untidy

  • I love writing

  • We have  7 Wensleydale sheep, 7 cats and 2 dogs.


  • We run a holiday cottage on the land to support my wife's daughter.





If you would like to try my services as a solicitor, here is my legal website:

I write to inform and entertain. Much of my writing is of a vaguely legal nature, but much more about life in the law than the law itself. I aim to write in a lighthearted and (hopefully) amusing style.


I also write about subjects as diverse as stolen greenhouses, smiling sheep and thoughts about deep space.


I tend to write from a personal point of view and I am happy to undertake commissions on a variety of subjects. If you like my style from the pieces reproduced in this website (and my book the Savage Poodle)  and would like me to write for your publication do contact me.

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