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Richard Barr Writer (and lawyer)

Books: Penguin Guide to the Law



This was a huge undertaking. I updated (and largely wrote) the entire section on the English Legal System (150 pages of the book). I remember it took me a whole summer to complete.


There is a little anomaly in the book. When it came back from typesetting, there was an inconsistency in the page numbering - meaning that if it was not corrected there would be an unexpected blank in the book at the end of the section on lawyers.....



The editor asked if I could help.



The result was  the only piece of fiction (I hope) in the book - entitled "A Confluence of Lawyers". Click on the title to read it.



I was asked to participate in subsequent editions but by then I was enmeshed in the MMR cases and had little time to breathe, let alone write long tracts about the law.

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