Richard Barr Writer (and lawyer)

Welcome to my writing website

  • Award winning legal writer (well I won one award anyway - winner of Solicitors Journal lifetime award 2016)
  • Lifestyle writer on just about every subject under the sun - and beyond!
  • Broadcaster on legal matters.
  • Author of consumer books (and contributor to others. See "Books")
  • And then there is the Savage Poodle (not a legal book - for those who are fearful about such things - more about the ups and downs of life in a lawyers' office and the funny things that can sometimes happen).

The Savage Poodle, a collection of some of my articles in the late Solicitors Journal and a tribute to a much loved publication (which has happily come back to life and is now published monthly). Order your copy of the Savage Poodle from Amazon UK or email me direct: [email protected]