Richard Barr Writer (and lawyer)

Articles from 2008

I have been writing for Solicitors Journal since 1975 and regularly since 1991- amounting to hundreds of pieces.

At the end of November 2008 I had a compulsory career change - well it seemed at the time more like a career end - when my firm made me redundant. This collection - from November 2008 onwards - takes up the story and in a meandering way tells about my new life, working from home. All these articles are in pdf format - which means that you see what the article looked like on the printed page (and you can enjoy David Haldane's cartoons that accompany most of them). They were published on the dates given and are republished by kind permission of Solicitors Journal. The pdf files of the articles are quite big, and even with Broadband will take a few seconds to load up. Give it a try. Some of the articles in this section of the website have been removed as they appear in my book The Savage Poodle. If you like what you see here, buy the book and read on.....

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